Impacto 3.3


 • Questions we have asked to ourselves :

Are we aware of the impact our daily actions have on the environment?
Who likes preaching on what to do or not?

• Answer:

Born to raise wareness on our actions imprint on the environment.
In addition to our series of short films, we set up parallel outreach actions aimed to spread the message.

• Message →

To promote environmental awareness, motivating the viewers in an emotional key through the narration of everyday situations where they could be protagonist themselves.
To promote greater citizen participation in natural resources sustainability through different processes, thus making society come closer and therefore more responsible for the quality of our future.
IMPACTO addresses key issues such as waste management, sensible use of water and energy, air quality and climate change, general consuming patterns and its impact on the environment.
IMPACTO is a response in humans’ own benefit and in favour of the vital and natural environment where they belong. It is an invitation for each of us to take a closer look into our habits and actively look after nature through small big actions.




With the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, we recently shot twelve short films between 30 and 90 seconds in length.
We have the stories. We only need to promote them so they would meet the goal for which they have been created; helping raise awareness on how our daily actions affect the environment.
For this purpose, we seek partners with whom to get this message through as many channels of communication as possible.



In this multi-device-multi-connected era, we believe it is essential to have a Web 3.3.
IMPACTO series films will form the backbone of a web site where the spectator can deepen interactively in the aspects they want.  Our intention is to be a bridge of audiovisual response with institutions and NGOs working towards environmental protection and sustainability.
This 3.0 Web structure allows the users to access information bidirectionally and to collaborate with their contributions and experiences.






“It’s sad to think that nature speaks and mankind wouldn’t listen.”
Víctor Hugo

We want to go a step further. We design parallel actions to the series broadcast on television and the Internet:
Collaborating with the teaching community. We propose the series Impacto as a tool to be used with students in workshops, especially in primary education. The series will be complemented with visuals we will custom design for this end.

  • Organizing seminars for different ages, in which attendees can create their own original films about the environment, guided by the IMPACTO makers.
  • Calling international professional and home videos competitions with specific themes

Titles (for now)

A project by Jerónimo Molero
Ubak Producciones


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